Sensory Friendly Tuesdays

KidTopia is proud to support families who have children with autism and other special needs. We offer a sensory-friendly experience on the second Tuesday of every month, opening our door one hour before our usual opening time. KidTopia is the perfect environment that allows ALL kids to be kids.


  • Less crowded for more intimate play
  • Dimmed Lighting
  • Lowered music volume for a quieter environment
  • Doors open at 9AM
  • Contact to join!

How it works…

The second Tuesday of every Month.

Kidtopia will be opening an hour early to accommodate our guests. Kids from all ages and siblings are welcome.

Admission is $7 per child. 

Relax & have fun!

Opening an hour early will allow us to have a less crowded and quieter environment, along with dimmed lights, low or off music, to help facilitate a sensory sensitive environment.